Metal vs Aluminum Awnings: How Are They Different from Each Other?

Having an awning at your home is a valuable asset. Not only does it increase the aesthetic value of your property, but it also provides a place for you to relax while being protected from harsh weather conditions. If you have ever thought about adding an awning to your home, you may be torn between choosing aluminum or a metal awning. If you want to know the difference and advantages between an aluminum and metal awning, then keep on reading below.

1. Weight and Installation

In terms of weight, aluminum is one of the lightest materials you can use for an awning. It is also quite easy to install and work with. You can mount it on almost any exterior material.

Metal awnings vary in weight, but most of it is heavier than aluminum. They are not as easy to work with compared to aluminum and will require professional tools and experience to have them installed.

2. Rust

Aluminum is not a material that will rust easily. It resists corrosion, and any rusting on it should be minor and will not do any major damage. While over time, aluminum will deteriorate, it should take longer compared to metal. Additionally, the change usually only affects the appearance and should not make a difference in its strength and durability.

When exposed to air, metal made of copper will develop patina. Although this is not harmful, it can completely change the look of your awning. It will create this green-ish to brown colour, which other people do prefer as a look on their awning. However, they can be coated to prevent the development of patina.

However, if your metal is made of iron, it will rust when exposed to the elements, especially water. Rust appears quite quickly, and unlike patina, rust is damaging. You can seal or coat the metal to prevent rusting.

3. Durability

While aluminum is a sturdy material, it is not as durable as copper and steel. It can last you some time, but in extreme conditions, aluminum awnings will give way and be damaged. Meanwhile, if a metal awning is done properly and made of high-quality materials, it can last you for more or less around 30 years.

4. Style

In terms of style, both aluminum and metal come in a wide range and variety that you can choose from. However, it is more common to see aluminum awnings that are shaped and coloured because the material itself is easier to deal with when it comes to these aspects.

Metal usually appears more traditional with a rustic and antique look. They are more suitable for older buildings.

5. Cost

Aluminum awnings are more affordable because they are easier to work with and install. However, they will require a level of maintenance over time, but should still last decently. Metal awnings are more expensive, but they are also more durable. They require less maintenance and will definitely last you longer than aluminum awnings.

In the long run, both are great investments. However, it boils down to your budget and the project that you are dealing with.


When it comes to choosing between an aluminum and metal awning, you will have to weigh the pros and cons for yourself. Both are long-term investments that can add value to your property. They both offer varying benefits, and it is up to you to decide which one works best for you.

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