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Apr 22 2022

A Simple Guide for Maintaining Your Glass Patio Cover

If you want to protect your patio, it’s essential to install a patio cover. And one of the best patio covers you can get is a glass one since it allows adequate light to shine through. But if you want to make sure your glass patio cover does its job right, you have to maintain it properly.

Use Warm Water and Soap When Cleaning

When cleaning a glass patio cover, it’s best to use warm water and mild soap. Do not use a caustic or abrasive cleaner since these may dull the glass and damage it.

You can also wash your glass patio cover with a soft cloth or sponge. You can give it a good rinse to remove the soap residue and make sure it’s clean.

Don’t Use a Pressure Washer

Some people don’t care if their patio cover has a few spots or stains and just use a pressure washer to get rid of them. The problem with this is that pressure washers and patio covers don’t mix.

Pressure washers are built to wash and clean surfaces. However, they spray a strong stream of water that may scratch the glass. And when you pressure wash a patio cover, you can damage the seals and gaskets, causing it to leak.

If you want to use a pressure washer when cleaning your glass patio cover, it’s best to use it at a low-pressure level. Use it to rinse the cover, but don’t use it to scrub it down. If you want to rid your cover of grime and odour, use diluted vinegar and water instead.

Use a Weeping Film Sealant

If you want your glass patio cover to last for a long time, you should apply a weeping film sealant. This is a sealant that goes on the window first, which will make it more difficult for liquids to penetrate the glass.

Weeping film sealants are especially important in places where there’s a lot of rain and frost since they’re made to withstand these natural elements. They’re also often found in high-end patio covers and are essential for maintaining them.

In addition, weeping film sealants help protect your glass patio cover from UV rays and other hazards. They’re essential for glass patio covers, and you should always apply them.

Regularly Sweep Off Debris

When cleaning your glass patio cover, it’s important to regularly sweep off any debris that collects on the cover. This prevents larger pieces of debris from breaking and causing damage.

If your glass patio cover has a screen on top, it’s even more important to sweep off debris that accumulates there. You don’t want debris to build up on the screen and cause it to tear.

Final Thoughts

A glass patio cover is a great investment, but you need to maintain it properly. Despite looking great and providing adequate light and air circulation, glass patio covers can be prone to damage. If you want your glass patio cover to last, you have to regularly clean it and check for damage. You also have to apply a weeping film sealant to protect it.

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