May 20 2022

Tips on Cleaning & Maintaining Aluminum Balcony Railings

Aluminum railings have become more popular for use on decks, balconies, and around entryways in many homes. Most conventional railing materials, such as wrought iron or wood, are easier to maintain. Aluminum railings, like any exterior materials, can be damaged and deteriorated.

With that in mind, it is essential to educate yourself on a few tips and tactics for keeping your railings in good condition. You’ve come to the right spot, since we’re here to help you clean, maintain, and keep those aluminum railings looking great!

Here are some pointers for cleaning and restoring aluminum railings.

1. Hose Them Down

Clean your aluminum railings often as dust and dirt build up on them quickly. To keep them free of pollutants, you can either use a soft cloth for light cleaning or a water spray for more thorough cleaning. To remove tougher stains, you can use a diluted household cleaner. A mild detergent and hot water is the best cleaner for aluminum railings. Do not use abrasive cleaning materials on your railings, as this can damage them.

Once you notice that your railing has begun to rust, you’re going to need to hose it down. By hosing down your railing, you will be removing some of the dirt, grime and dust that may have accrued on top of it. You will want to do this daily to keep any more dirt from building up.

2. Scrub It Down

In addition to hosing down your railing, you should also be scrubbing it down. Scrubbing will help remove any rust, dirt, and grime built up over time. You can either use a brush to scrub down the railings or a power washer.

You want to pay attention to any areas where there are imperfections, chipping or rust. Make sure to clean each surface daily to maintain a clean surface.

3. Use WD-40

One of the best ways to remove rust from your railings is by using WD-40. WD-40 is a great product used to help loosen rust and remove it from surfaces. It has a lubricant in it that helps loosen the rust, and it is also membrane safe and non-toxic.

4. Apply Wax to the Fasteners

You should use a good car wax on the bolts and fasteners. Buff the fasteners with a soft cloth to make them shine. This will help protect your railing by keeping it from rusting as easily and by coming in contact with moisture.

5. Inspect Your Railings Regularly

Inspecting your railings regularly will help you see if there are any issues that need to be fixed. If you notice that there is a chip or a crack in your railing, you should immediately contact a professional to help you fix it. You don’t want to wait to fix a small crack, as it could lead to bigger issues later.

Our Final Thoughts on Aluminum Railings

Overall, aluminum railings are a very durable option for your home. They get the job done and look great in just about any space. As long as you keep your railings clean and take proper care of them, you will be able to enjoy them for years to come.

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